One Simple Way to Make Cold Brew

One Simple Way to Make Cold Brew

One Simple Way to Make Cold Brew


A Summer Favorite

Cold brew coffee has become one of my favorite drinks during the summer.  I love to grab a book and sit on the back porch in the early morning hours on the weekend.  In this video, I share a simple and inexpensive way you can make cold brew yourself.

Recommended Coffee

  • Brazil: Cold brewing this coffee brings out malt, maple, caramel and slight raisin flavors.
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe: Light to medium body, hints of fruit and floral aroma.
  •  Rwanda: Low acidity, hints of red grape, caramel and marshmallow

Simple Steps

  1.  Gather mason jar (size of choice)
  2. Grind coffee (coarse is best for this method)
  3. Add coffee to to jar
    1.  Use 1:2 ration to make a concentrate and then cut the final cold brew in equal 1:1 parts with water or coffee.
    2. Use 1:6 – 1:8 ration for non-concentrated cold brew 
  4. Steep 12-24 hours.  (we like 17 hours)
  5. Strain with cheese cloth & refrigerate (good for a couple weeks).
 You can get your cheese cloth at your local health food store or right here on Amazon.