Colombia Narino Aponte

Colombia Narino Aponte


Country: Colombia
Region: Inga
Elevation: 1525 to 2400 meters
Varietals: Caturra,Colombia
Milling Process: Honey
Drying Process: Patio and solar dried machine
Hints of: Caramel, Red Apple, Cherry, Tangerine

Description: Most coffees from Colombia are processed using the traditional washed method. This lot, however, goes through a more complex honey process that involves leaving the bean to dry in its mucilage for 20-45 days, using the heavy, cold winds of the region to help promote an even drying process. The producers of this region, an indigenous community called the Inga, were part of the northernmost Inca empire, which colonized the south of Colombia in the late 14th century. Land here is communal, and the population is ruled by a “cabildo” or group of elders who make sure ancestral traditions are upheld. The population of this area have unfortunately been affected by earthquakes in recent years and have turned to specialty coffee to help produce income for the region.

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