Ethiopia Sidamo- Fair Trade Organic

Ethiopia Sidamo- Fair Trade Organic


Country: Ethiopia
Region: Sidama
Process: Natural
Cupping: Notes of strawberry, jam and blueberry
Roast Level: Light – Medium

Description: A naturally delicious coffee with unforgettable flavor. The method of drying the coffee cherries brings out juicy notes mixed with a sweetness that is hard to beat. The Sidama Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union (SCFCU) was founded in 2001 to represent coffee producing cooperatives located throughout the Sidama Zone of Southern Ethiopia. As of 2013, the SCFCU has grown to represent 47 cooperatives and 80,000 farmers making the SCFCU the second largest coffee producing cooperative union in Ethiopia. These cooperatives are located in the Sidama zone, at altitudes of 1,800 meters and above.

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